"Therefore, everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them will be like a sensible man who built his house on the rock."

Matthew 7:24


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Battlefield Of The Mind For Kids

Did you know your mind is a battlefield? Well, it is. Going on inside your head every day is a war between the forces of good and the forces of evil. The question is: Which side are you on? A lot depends upon which way you choose to go. BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND FOR KIDS takes an honest look at...
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Miracle Of Jesus: A Christmas Event For Families (OP)

The Miracle of Jesus is an unforgettable, multisensory family event that gives families a glimpse of the city ofBethlehem during a Christmas celebration of Jesus’ birthday. Families will explore a Bible-times marketplacein a fully immersive experience where they interact with shopkeepers and learn surprising details aboutJesus’ miraculous birth. Guests will love creating crafts and keepsakes at a variety of stations,...
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Miracle Of Jesus: Census Taker’s Station (OP)

Create the intriguing look of ancient times with this pillars and sky backdrop. Covers up to 30’ feet in a snap. (30’ x 4’)
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Miracle Of Jesus: Director Manual (OP)

Get extra copies of the Director Manual to make your job easier as you hand off various responsibilities. Inside this guide you'll find every detail you need to prepare and recruit for your event.
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Miracle Of Jesus: Fisher’s Pier Backdrop (OP)

Designing your Fisher’s Pier Station is super-easy with this colorful 30’ seashore backdrop. Add the lifelike seagull cutouts sold separately, and you can almost hear the gentle waves. (30’ x 4’)
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Miracle Of Jesus: Fisher’s Pier Seagull Cutout

Just add these realistic bird cutouts to the Fisher’s Pier backdrop, and your guests will instantly be transported back to the Sea of Galilee. (INCLUDES 12 CUTOUTS)
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Miracle Of Jesus: Follow-Up Foto Frame (OP)

Capture the fun your families have at The Miracle of Jesus, and send this memento home with them or mail it later with a note inviting them back to your church.  (Package of 10) 
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Miracle Of Jesus: Keepsake Spice Bottles (Pack Of 10)

Bottle up fun memories and keep them for years! Your guests will love filling their own special spice bottles at the Spice Shoppe station. Each bottle can be used as a necklace, bracelet, key chain, or hung at home as a reminder that Jesus is always with us.  (You'll need one bottle per guest)  (Package of 10).
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Miracle Of Jesus: Stone Background (OP)

Perfect for creating your marketplace environment and activity stations, such as the Toy Shoppe, Spice Shoppe and Bakery. (25’ x 4’)
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Miracle Of Jesus: Wrigley The Wooden Fish (Pack Of 12)

There’s nothing fishy about this little friend!  He’s sure to make a splash, and guests will love decorating these flexible fish at the Fisher’s Pier station.  Made from wood, this fish makes a tangible reminder of one of Jesus’ great miracles.  (12-PACK) (You’ll need 1 fish per guest!)
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One Word From God Can Change Your Family

DISCOVER GOD'S PLAN FOR YOUR FAMILY Everyone hopes to have happy, healthy relationships with their children, yet successful parenting can be one of life's most challenging experiences. It requires you to be personally and actively involved in training your children. God's Word has specific instruction for parents--you need to stand your ground with your children and with the enemy who...
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Tri-Fold Hay Bale Prop

Hay! Don’t be grasping at straws for decorations. This tri-fold prop provides a full-color hay bale on both sides to enhance your decorating options for The Stable.